Attribute based configuration

RawRabbit has support for attribute based configuration in the NuGet package RawRabbit.Attributes.

Setting up the client

In order to get the client to scan messages for attributes, register AttributeConfigEvaluator as the IConfigurationEvaluator

var client = BusClientFactory.CreateDefault(ioc => ioc
    .AddSingleton<IConfigurationEvaluator, AttributeConfigEvaluator>()

Configure Messages

There are different attributes that configure different configuration aspects: QueueAttribute, ExchangeAttribute and RoutingAttribute. Note that for the Request/Respond pattern only the attributes of the request message type is scanned.

[Queue(Name = "my_queue", MessageTtl = 300, DeadLeterExchange = "dlx", Durable = false)]
[Exchange(Name = "my_topic", Type = ExchangeType.Topic)]
[Routing(RoutingKey = "my_key", NoAck = true, PrefetchCount = 50)]
private class AttributedMessage
    public string Property { get; set; }

Override with custom configuration

The AttributeConfigEvaluator looks for configuration attributes and fallback to the default ConfigurationEvaluator. It also honors the custom configuration provided in the optional configuraiton argument.

client.SubscribeAsync<AttributedMessage>((message, context) =>
    return Task.FromResult(true);
}, c => c.WithRoutingKey("overridden"));