Extending RawRabbit

RawRabbit provides a solid foundation for reliable request/reply and publish/subscribe operations. In addition to this, RawRabbit.Extensions can be used to write extensions to the client, making it possilbe to customize the client for any specific needs. The extension framework exposes a method for resolving registered RawRabbit internal services.


Install the latest version of RawRabbit.Extensions from NuGet.

  PM> Install-Package RawRabbit.Extensions

The Extendable Bus Client

The ExtendableBusClient is an super class of the normal bus client, that exposes the method GetService<TService> (which is just a wrapper around Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection.IServiceProvider). This method allows you to resolve the registered services that RawRabbit uses. This way, if you for example has a custom IContextProvider that you need to get a hold of, it’s just a call away.

Extension boiler plait

public static class RawRabbitExtensionExample
    public static void DoStuff<TContext>(this IBusClient<TContext> client)
        where TContext : IMessageContext
        var extended = (client as ExtendableBusClient<TMessageContext>);
        if (extended == null)
            //TODO: nice error handling
            throw new InvalidOperationException("");
        var channel = extended.GetService<IChannelFactory>().CreateChannel();
        // resolve stuff, make calls...

List of extensions