Publisher Acknowledgements

RabbitMq has support for Confirms/Publisher Acknowledgements, meaning that a publisher gets a basic-ack when the message has been accepted by all queues (or the broker verified that the message is unroutable). RawRabbit uses this feature when performing PublishAsync<TMessage> calls. The Task returned from publish call is completed once the broker has confirmed the published message.

If the message hasn’t been confirmed within a specified amount of time, the task will fault with a PublishConfirmException. To change the timeout, change the PublishConfirmTimeout property on the configuration object.

var config = new RawRabbitConfiguration
    PublishConfirmTimeout = TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds(500)
var publisher = BusClientFactory.CreateDefault(config);

There is a slight performance hit using using this feature. If you want to disable it, just register the NoAckAcknowledger when instantiating the bus client.

var publisher = BusClientFactory.CreateDefault(s =>
    s.AddSingleton<IPublishAcknowledger, NoAckAcknowledger>()

Avoiding PublishConfirmException

There are a few potential reasons for PublishConfirmException being thrown. If the broker is in heavy use and/or the application publishes multiple concurrent publishes on the PublishConfirmTimeout should be increased. Another option is to register the NoAckAcknowledger.